12th April2017

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise is a form of exercise that brings the body back into a perfect postural position. The body is designed to perform at its optimum level when it is in a position of good posture. Unfortunately over time we tend to pick up all of these bad habits of slouching, leaning or even sitting at our desks at work in these really strange positions.
Over time, you will gradually start to assume that position in everyday things that you do. This means that the body will tighten in certain areas and loosen in other areas. Muscles will become weaker and some may not even work at all.

For example, your left hip might not be painful. But because it is not working properly, you develop a rotator cuff problem in your right shoulder. Or your tight calf and restricted motion in your ankle is causing your lower back pain. Compromised movements in one part of your body will lead to symptoms developing in another part of your body.

Corrective Exercise is designed to undo all of these imbalances and compensations and guide the body to work in harmony and without pain.

Through Corrective Exercise you will be loosening the muscles that have become tight, and activating the muscles that have become lazy. Basically you will be working towards re-educating your body to move as it was designed so that it can function at its’ optimum level.
These exercises improve your body’s biomechanics and remove the negative stresses from your body. It’s these negative stresses that accumulate causing pain and affecting your ability to move normally.

Through Corrective Exercises we reintroduce proper function to your body, which in turn restores correct structure. When your body stops compensating for imbalances you are able to move freely and your pain disappears.

We combine the scientific principles of biomechanics, physics, motor control and human physiology to correct the cumulative stress on your body. Even very small structural changes, if they occur over time, alter your muscles and joints ability to perform properly. This is because no muscle works alone; each is connected to another part of the body